Community Champions

πŸš€Calling all Programmable Banking enthusiasts! Our Community Champions programme just got a turbo boost with fantastic new rewards. If you're passionate about building, sharing, and growing with our community, while living up to the community's values, this is for you!

NB: It's super important that you have an active Investec account πŸ’³, as a few rewards for being a part of this programme are tied to that πŸ˜‰.

How to Get Involved

  • Eligibility: Open to all with an Investec account and Programmable Banking activated.

  • Application: Apply to be a Champion and start making a difference.


  • Time Commitment: We estimate at least 4 hours per month contributing to the community in different ways would classify as active engagement in the community.

  • Engagement: From sharing skills to creating tutorials, every bit of help counts!


  • Bank Fee Rewards: Top five (5) active Champs earn back 3 months' worth of Investec bank fees in Reward points every new quarter.

  • Exclusive Perks: First pick of swag, speaker slots, and more.

Recognition for All

  • Non-Champs: Highly engaged community members receive alternative rewards like special swag and other perks for living the community values and getting involved as non-champions.

  • Champion but non-Investec account holders: Still enjoy perks like swag and opportunities for visibility, but do not meet the requirements for Investec reward.

Terms & Conditions

  • Active Participation: Stay active to qualify for rewardsβ€”engage, share, and support.

  • Account Requirements: An active Investec account with Programmable Banking is a must for bank fee rewards.

  • Reward Calculation: Points are awarded based on the last quarter's contributions.

  • Inactivity: No rewards for inactive periods, but remember, it's about more than perksβ€”it's about community.


Q: How do I know if I'm among the top five active Champs?

A: We track engagement and contributions, and the top five will be notified at the start of each new quarter.

Q: What if I don't have an Investec account?

A: You can still participate and receive other rewards. We appreciate every contribution!

Q: Can I suggest a reward or perk?

A: Absolutely! We love hearing your ideas. Drop us a message or discuss it here.

Q: What happens if I can't contribute for a month/quarter?

A: Life happens! Contact us, and we'll work with you to maintain your Champion status.

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