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Everything you need to know about participating in community

How do I get started with the community?

How do I participate in the community?

There are plenty of ways to be active in the community. If you're new to community, or are starting to get back into things, there is something for everyone.

#️ Join Slack

Sign up here, and then look out for an email invite to Slack.

#00_townhall : General chat for Programmable Banking #02_buildspace: Let us know what you're making/building

#01_howzit: Say hi!

Check out upcoming events here.

Get in touch with us ( about demoing your project.

Take a look at our open build challenges here.

View all the fantastic community projects here for inspiration.

Upvote or log new feature requests here. These are reviewed weekly by the Investec API team.

Log a support ticket .

Get started on the API here.

Get monthly updates on whats happening in the community.

Blog articles about the cool solutions developers are building with Programmable Banking are listed here.

Help us spread the word about Programmable Banking.

Becoming a community champ

We run a community champions program, where our most engaged community members are recognised and rewarded for their efforts in supporting and contributing to the community.

Our community champs enable and support others to grow and learn and are integral to the community.

πŸ‘‰ You can request to join the Champs program or nominate a fellow community member here.

What's the swag like?

Check out a few things we give to awesome community members who live our core principles and values. πŸ‘‡

the How to think about co-creation in the community

If you have an idea or want to find out how to get more involved in the community, reach out to us at or schedule 15 minutes to chat here.

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