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Community support framework for Programmable Banking API and card accounts.

Hey there! 😊

We're all about giving our community the superpowers they need to get creative and make something awesome. We believe in keeping things open, friendly, and clear because teamwork makes the dream work, right? So, we've cooked up a super simple support system to guide you through any bumps or questions you might run into.

Getting the Support You Need

Level 1: Reach Out on Slack

For immediate assistance and to engage with fellow community champions and Investec developers, head over to our Slack channel:

Here, you can ask questions, share insights, or find out if there's an existing workaround for your issue.

Level 2: Feature Requests & General Discussions

If you have a feature request or want to start a general discussion about the Programmable Banking API and Card, please use our GitHub discussions section:

This is the perfect place to share ideas and collaborate on potential enhancements.

Level 3: Reporting Technical Issues

For technical issues that require attention, you have two options:

  1. GitHub Discussions: You can add your issue to the discussions for community input.

    Start a Discussion

  2. GitHub Issues: For direct technical issues that need to be reported, please use the following link:

    Report an Issue

Our Commitment to You

The API team is dedicated to reviewing all outstanding issues and discussion points. We will respond to and/or assign issues to the relevant team members for resolution.

  • Resolution Time: We aim to resolve in best effort all issues within 48 hours and will communicate the outcome back to the person who raised the issue.

Why GitHub?

We chose GitHub for its openness and transparency. It allows us to:

  • Connect directly with Investec's ticketing system, ServiceNow.

  • Maintain a searchable record of resolved issues and discussions.

  • Foster a collaborative environment where everyone can contribute and benefit.

Additional Resources

For more information on the Programmable Banking API and Card, please visit our Community FAQs page or reach out to us on Slack.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Together, we can build something extraordinary.

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