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Every selection we’ve included has been hand-picked by the community, so be assured we consider each worth inclusion.

As with all things, this resource list is a work in progress. If you see something missing, jump into Slack and send us a message so we can add it to our growing public library, or edit this page directly on GitHub.

Tutorials and Templates


Master dual authorisation on your credit card. 20-minute tutorial.


Keep track of all card purcahses with a quick Slack intergration



The basics on setting up a simple Telegram Bot and how to link Telegram messaging to your credit card transactions



A template for importing Investec Account info to Google Sheets



Create your own DIY petrol card.

@Hennie Spies


A no-code/ low-code mobile budget expense app with Google Sheets and Glide.


Using Programmble Banking's API and Google Sheets, you can create your own automated treasuray managment system. Watch the How To Setup Vid here.



A Postman collection that is being kept up to date with the latest API changes and detailed developer docs. Great for testing out your API and seeing what it can do in a safe enviroment.

@Devin Pearson

Tools & Sites


A website with a large number of API's that are free for the first 50K calls per month


Work faster in Excel.


Transform your text instructions into Excel formulas in seconds with the help of AI.

Connect your Investec finances with Microsoft Excel

@OfferZen + Platform45

OpenAI's API provides access to GPT-3, which performs a wide variety of natural language tasks, and Codex, which translates natural language to code.


Deep Dive Research

The concept of Programmable Banking is still relatively new. But before we can meaningfully engage in deeper conversations about the topic of Programmable Banking, it's helpful to know a little more, from how Programmable Banking is defined to its history and the rich opportunities we see to create tomorrow's banking.

If you are interested in diving into the topic more - or found relevant learnings along your journey that would help others along the path - please check out and add your contribution to the Programmable Banking Starter Pack here!

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