Beneke Gantley Inc.

Transaction data automatically fed into LawPracticeZA software with Programmable Banking

Beneke Gantley Inc. is a full-service South African law firm. Like many other law firms, they use LawPracticeZA accounting software.

The Problem: Manual data entry and upload to LawPracticeZA software

The process of downloading bank statements, formatting them, and then uploading them to LawPracticeZA is tedious and time-consuming. Beneke Gantely was spending a lot of time going through this manual process every week.

The Solution: Automated syncing of transaction data

  • The team at Beneke Gantely integrated their Programmable Banking account with LawPracticeZA.

  • The integration allows all of their account transactions to be fed directly into LawPracticeZA and the transactions to sync twice a day.

Winning with Programmable Banking

  • The integration with Programmable Banking completely removed the need for the Beneke Gantley team to manually upload statements each week.

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