Managing team spend and creating transparency on company expenses with Programmable Banking

OfferZen is a job marketplace for software developers. They are a remote-first company, with employees across South Africa and Europe. Every team member has access to a shared team card to spend money and is given heuristics around how to spend, with the ultimate goal that everyone is empowered to do their job better.

The Problem: Manually managing employee purchases and compiling spend data

Empowering employees to independently spend money requires a way to track expenses, without taking up valuable time from employees. OfferZen found that their finance team was spending hours every month trying to track and manage purchases.

The Solution: Immediate expense claims and categorisation, and spend data formatting

The OfferZen team built Roz – a simple app that uses Investec Programmable Banking and is affectionately named after the character from Monsters Inc. It works like this:

  • All teams are given access to a shared Programmable Banking card to make purchases.

  • Any spend on the card is sent to the appropriate team’s Slack channel, where they can claim the purchase, categorise it and upload their receipt via Dext.

  • This information is fed into the app, which the finance team has administrative control over.

  • The app updates the spend claims automatically and creates a CSV export into the format required for upload into their accounting software.

Winning with Programmable Banking

  • Employees are empowered to categorise their own spending, a process that would usually take the finance team a lot of time.

  • Recurring expenses are automatically categorised each month.

  • The CSV export saves the finance team from having to manually compile this information.

If you want to use this solution for your business, the open-source project is available here.

Read more about how OfferZen uses Programmable Banking to manage team spend here.

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