Self-service employee expense categorisation with Programmable Banking

VATIT is a leading tax firm in South Africa specializing in Corporate Income Tax, VAT, and other tax types.

The Problem: Manually managing and tracking employee purchases

The finance team would go through a monthly cycle to get all of the receipts from employees submitted - which would take almost 20 work days to complete. Both the bookkeepers and employees were spending a lot of time ensuring their accounting records were accurate.

The Solution: Immediate expense claims and categorisation

VATIT implemented a SlackBot, based on the OfferZen team spend project, which helps their employees claim and categorise their spends.

  • Every time an employee spends money on their card, the transaction is posted to the appropriate team Slack channel.

  • The employee to which the transaction belongs claims the purchase and categorises it.

Winning with Programmable Banking

  • The SlackBot has removed the need for the finance team to try to figure out who the spend belongs to.

  • Employees can categorise their own transactions immediately in the Slack channel.

  • The solution has reduced the workload overall and VATIT has significantly reduced their 20 work day recon process.

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